Privacy Policy

By using my website, you agree to be bound by this policy. I take your privacy seriously and will treat your information with care and fairness. I will treat it confidentially and will not sell or pass it on elsewhere without your consent. I alone am the business’ Data Controller and Data Privacy Manager so please contact me with any privacy enquiries. I will notify you of any data security breach or suspected brach where legally required to do so. I may update this policy and notice at any time so please refer to it regularly if you seek clarification of current policy.

The personal information I collect and hold ( and it is only held by me) is limited to what is necessary to carry out the private FDR and held for a short period of time. I will delete documentation emailed to me and return any paper documents to you that I received, upon conclusion of the private FDR, retaining only detail that is necessary for my billing and business records.

You have provided your information by consent in order to make use of my services. You can withdraw your consent at any time by emailing to ask me to delete, amend, erase or return any information, which I will do within 7 days. You understand that if I am without information that is necessary to provide the private FDR service you contracted for, that is your responsibility and may still incur my fee.

You acknowledge that the internet is not a completely secure medium and that I cannot absolutely guarantee the security of your information. I am not responsible for any damages which you or others might suffer as a result of loss of confidentiality of the information you send to me.

By law I have to tell you that cookies may arise from use of this website and that you can opt out of them. Cookies are text files of information downloaded to your device, some are necessary for the website to work and others are performance or marketing cookies which may be used by my website.